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The LOULASS VILLAGE APARTHOTEL welcomes you to Corfu.  Below is some helpful information pertaining to the hotel in particular and the area in general, which we believe may be of use to you during your stay.


The Loulass Village is a long-established family run hotel located in a small fishing village called PSARAS within close proximity to the village of MESSONGHI on the island of CORFU.


The Loulass Village complex is made up four (two-storey) buildings tucked away on an olive tree-covered hillside far away from both traffic and noise. In the immediate area there are a number of restaurants including a fish taverna which is very popular with locals and visitors alike.

The sea is a mere stone’s throw from the hotel with the well-organized public beach of Messonghi only 850 meters from our location.      Sunbeds and umbrellas are provided there. This is also where you can find a number of restaurants, the nearest super market to our location, the public bus-stop and the ATM machine which is directly opposite.



                                                                         The manager


                                                                    COSTAS MARKATIS



AIR CONDITIONING:Air conditioning units are installed in all the apartments (Information and remote control available from reception.)


ALLERGIES: In case any of the quests has an allergic reaction, PLEASE report it to the manager or the reception / restaurant staff. Allergies can be in flowers, wasps, food, chlorine, cleaning chemicals, jelly fish and a lot of other materials. SAFETY DATA SHEETS ARE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST.


ATM: An ATM machine is located in Messonghi village (850 meters from our location) next to the Aquarius apartments and opposite the 3Ks SUPER MARKET. Also ATMs can be found on the main road in Moraitika village, one just before the roundabout, another one next to the 3Ks supermarket in Moraitika and one more at the top of Moraitika village.


APARTMENT SECURITY:For security reasons, please make sure all doors and windows are locked when you are not in the apartment and naturally when you are sleeping, especially in the case of ground floor apartments. We regret that we cannot be held responsible for valuables left in your room.


BALCONIES:Despite the fact that all balcony railings are both very high and secure, children cannot be left by themselves on the balconies. Chairs and tables must be removed from the balcony so that children are not encouraged to climb.


BANKS:All banks are in Corfu town. For money related transactions, please contact reception.


BAR / POOL BAR:The bar is open every day from 08.30 till very late. Only in a safety related situation will the bar be closed. Notice that the POOL BAR can be closed at any time after 24.00 depending to noise. !!!


BEACH: The nearest sandy beach is located in the village of Messonghi (850 meters) where sun loungers and umbrellas are provided.


BEAUTY SALON:Please contact reception where an appointment can be arranged.


BREAKFAST: daily international buffet from 08.00 till 11.30


For quest who would like breakfast earlier than the above times please ask reception…. (packed breakfast also available)


LUNCH/SNACKS/DINNER:Meals are served any time after 08.30, the menu is available in the restaurant and a copy of the menu can be found in each room. Room service is also available.


BUS SERVICE:For local transport and bus timetable please contact reception.


CAR HIRE: For car hire requirements please ask reception for our own 2020 and 2021 new cars, or see your tour operator advisor.  If you have already booked a vehicle, contact reception for assistance.


CHURCH: A Catholic Church is located in Messonghi next to Zak’s taverna, on the main road to Moraitika. Services are at 7 pm on Sunday (starting from June).  There is also a Catholic church in Corfu town, the DOMO.


CHECK – OUT TIME: Please confirm your check–out time with reception. However, depending on arrivals, one may be asked to vacate one’s room earlier than the internationally recognized check-out time.


CHEMIST:The nearest chemist is located between the villages of Messonghi and Moraitika on the main road opposite Zak’s taverna approximately 1,200 meters from our location. There are two additional chemists on the main road of Moraitika village.  For more information and opening hours please contact reception.


If for some reason it has been recommended that you visit a doctor by the pharmacy staff, please call the hotel manager’s mob. No 6947810044 and speak to Costas.


CHILDREN’S SAFETY:Children must be supervised by an adult at all times, especially on the balconies, in the lift, in the pool and the pool-area. DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN RUNNING AROUND THE HOTEL AREA


COT & CAMP BEDS:the hotel provides safety cots for infants, also nearly in every room you will find a camp bed. PLEASE ASK FOR ASSISTANCE.


CREDIT CARDS: We accept all major credit cards (please confirm with reception).


DAMAGE:Please treat your apartment as you would your own home. We would also like you to bear in mind that any breakages and damage must be paid for in full prior to departure.


DEHYDRATION:In hot climates it is important to drink plenty of water or indeed juice and soft drinks to avoid the effects of dehydration.


DOCTOR / HOSPITAL:  The mainhospital is located in Corfu town 28 km away. In the event that you must visit the hospital, you need an E111 (European health card). However, in case of an emergency or if you need a doctor for any reason, the hotel provides a doctor 24/7.  Please contact reception (9) / bar (100) at any time or call the manager’s direct line 101, the manager’s mobile 0030 6947810044 or the hotel direct line at 0030 26610 75668 or 0030 26610 75293.


EARLY MORNING CALLS:Please ask reception to set an early alarm call for you.  If you need a taxi in the morning we advise you to order one from the night before.


ELECTRICITY: Supply is 220 – 230 voltage


ELECTRICITY ADAPTORS:Adaptors are available from the bar at a small charge.


ENTERTAINMENT: the hotel offer 3 times a week live entertainment please, see posters in the reception or ask bar staff.


FIRE SAFETY:Pease take a few minutes and read the FIRE INFORMATION notice near the main door of your apartment.


FORGOT SOMETHING????:Call reception and we may be able to help you.


GLASS SAFETY:Be aware that in bright sunlight it is difficult to tell if a glass door is closed. Therefore, extra care must be taken when using glass doors.


GOLF:A golf course is located in the middle of the island approximately three quarters of an hour’s drive from our location. For more info and details please contact reception.


HAIRDRESSING:A hair salon is located in Messonghi village with reasonable prices.  You can also find 2 more in Moraitika village on the main road.


HAIR DRYER:Hair dryers are available in every apartment, located in the bedroom.


HOTEL SHOP:Next to the bar there is a small shop providing sun lotions, wall devices and repellants for mosquitoes, washing up liquid, toothpaste, batteries, sweets and other basic necessities.


INTERNET / WI-FI: This service is free in all the hotel areas, rooms, bar, lobby area and pool area, A LAPTOP is available in reception for public use.


IRON / IRON BOARD: An iron and iron board for your personal use are provided in every apartment.


LAUNDRY:A washing machine is available for guests’ use, the cost per wash ranging from 3.00-5.00euros. Contact reception for availability.


LIFT:For your convenience there is a lift in this complex. Please do not use in case of a fire and never allow children unaccompanied in the lift. 


LOST PROPERTY:Look after all your belongings at all times. If you find something which does not belong to you, please hand it in at reception.


MAID SERVICE, HOUSEKEEPING:The maid service is provided daily between 10.30 A.M. to 15.00 P.M. with a change of towels and toilet paper.  If you need additional service, towels, pillows or any other requirements, please contact reception.


MAINTENANCE:Is something wrong?????? Please call reception.  We will do our best to fix it.


MANAGER:The duty manager Costas Markatis, is always available to assist with your requirements. You will usually find him around the reception area or in the bar area.


MOSQUITOES / FLIES:Please read the useful information provided in each apartment.  Please report any allergies in wasps, flies, ect.


NEWSPAPERS:You will find all major European papers in the super markets in Messonghi village.


NOISE LEVELS: Please remember there are other people staying in this complex. Therefore, noise should be kept to a minimum, especially during the night.


PILLOWS:you have a choice of a soft pillow or memory foam, please ask reception


POST/STAMPS:   The main post office located on the main road of Moraitika (local stationary) opposite the taxi rank, where you can find stamps or international money transfer, however you can purchase stamps from the nearest super market. A small selection of free postcards is available at the reception area. You may leave your post at reception and we will post it for you as soon as possible.


RECEPTION: Reception is open from 08.00 till 02.00.


For emergency call… reception 9,


manager’s direct line 101,


manager’s mobile No. 0030 6947810044


hotel land line 0030 26610 75668, or 0030 26610 75293.


(please see phone information at the end of the directory book)




RESTAURANT:Open from 8.00 AM till 23.00 (last orders for the restaurant are at 22.30). All meals are provided, breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Please see your copy of the menu in each apartment.


Please report any food allergies.


Meals can be served to take away (pack lunches) or to the rooms (room service)







SAFETY BOXES:Safety boxes are located in the reception area, protected by CCTV 24/7.  Notice that personal items, money, jewelry, etc. are not insured.


SHOPPING:  For your gift shopping, clothes, shoes etc. you can visit Messonghi or Moraitika. For a wider variety of shops you can visit        Corfu town.


SMOKING:  All apartments are strictly NON SMOKING.  We advise you to smoke only on the veranda/balcony.


SUN SAFETY / SUN BURN: Always use a sun cream to protect against UVA/UVB rays.  Sun lotions, creams and after-sun lotions can be purchased from the hotel shop. If you have a serious burn please contact reception or bar staff in case you need a doctor.


SUPER MARKET:The nearest super markets are located in Messonghi village, the 3Ks and the General Market, which are approximately 850 meters from our location. These are open from 9am till very late every day.


SWIMMING POOL AND SWIMMING POOL AREA:This facility is open from 10.00 in the morning to 19.00 in the evening where sun loungers are provided free of charge. The pool is closed after the hours of 19.00 for cleaning and chlorinating.  It is prohibited to enter the pool and pool area after these hours. Please be aware that the pool can be closed at any time for cleaning process or maintenance.


Only food and drinks purchased from the bar may be consumed in these areas.                 



Please read POOL RULES at the pool area before using this facility


TAXIS:A taxi can be ordered from the reception or the bar at any time. However, if you need a taxi for the airport or for a special occasion, it is advisable to have it ordered from the previous evening.


TELEPHONE: information at the end of the directory room


TOWELS:towels are chance every day, for additional towels please ask maid or the reception.


TV./ SATELITE TV: all apartments provide a 32’ flat led tv .


VISITORS:Strictly no overnight visitors or unauthorized guests in your apartment.


WAKEUP CALL: If you need an early wakeup call, please call reception we set it for you


WATER:Tap water is drinkable.  However, we advise you purchase bottled water.


TELEPHONE: For your convenience there is a telephone in your room which can be used for both local and international calls at an extra charge.    


                     To contact any room dial the room No.  (e.g. 102)


                     RECEPTION 9  /   BAR  100  /  MANAGER’S DIRECT LINE 101


                     MANAGER’S MOBILE 0030 6947810044


                     DO NOT allow children to play with the telephone


                     To get an outside line press 0.


                     To make an international call, first get an outside line + the                  country code + the local code omitting the first 0 + the desired number.     


e.g. IRELAND     0 .  00353    1     9876543                                                                                                                                            


                 U.K     0 .  0044     51    123456


The cost of a European call is about 70 cents per minute for a land line and for mobile numbers the cost is about 80 cents per minute.